Digital Labels with HP

Oct. 27, 2009

Associated Labels has launched its highly anticipated Digital Printing Division by welcoming the most advanced industrial digital printing press from HP.

For Associated Labels, introducing the HP Indigo Press ws4500 into its fleet of industry leading presses, allows the company to provide leading digital solution for short runs of high-quality labels and packaging with fast turnaround.

Associated Labels, for more than 25 years, has focused exclusively on label and packaging solutions that deliver distinction to their clients and products. Shaun Ashworth, COO of Associated Labels, was especially excited about the launch of this new Digital Printing Division. He explains, "We are providing the most advanced presses to our clients, with on demand customized printing solutions."

This new HP Digital Press allows Associated Labels to offer instant proofs and prototypes identical to their client's final product. Print runs as few as one, or up to 50,000 labels, with fast turnaround time, allows product to hit the market quickly.

By offering virtually limitless substrate compatibility and exceptional print quality, Ashworth explains, "Associated Labels will ensure your brands stand out in the market place." The HP Indigo Press ws4500 will print up to seven colors, including spot colors, white, and eye-popping fluorescent colors.

Rusty Ashworth, President of Associated Labels, explains that "the company's Digital Printing Division allows for cost effective, versatile digital printing for labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging." He continues, "With small, medium or large quantities runs, we can precisely meet our client's printing needs which makes managing their supply chain effective by lowering inventory costs and increasing savings."