2D Barcodes

Jun. 10, 2010

As 2D barcodes trend in North American consumer markets and production lines, Associated Labels introduces a new print technology that can pre-print unique 2D barcodes onto any label.

For consumers, 2D Barcodes are a call-to-action, they store massive amounts of information and can appear on every imaginable surface: in magazines, on signs, buses, food and beverage containers and now your labels.

This code can be scanned using a mobile phone and provides instant information about a business, promotion or product. Think of the 2D Barcode as a physical world link to online information - it's an opportunity to enhance your product with compelling content, such as music, video, text, websites or photos, while encouraging consumers to take action and engage with your brand.

Alternatively, 2D barcodes can enhance your production line, tracking and maintenance process too. 2D barcodes can be printed on your labels, encoding specific product information as well as a unique identifying product numbers.

Associated Labels offers a TRON 2D scanning system that allows for these barcoded labels to be scanned and the information stored at time of packaging. A record is thus kept that identifies the package and the time of packaging down to the second of each production day. The data from the TRON 2D system can be transferred to a desk top computer with the result being an extensive traceability alternative.

The TRON 2D software can be purchased as an integrated option with our 1200 Stepper Driven labeler or as a stand alone unit to fit almost any production line.

The possibilities to enhance your business with 2D Barcoding is undeniable and Associated Labels is here to help you with any questions you might have.

Please feel free to contact any of our sales team at 604.525.4764 or request information at