“I’ve Got News for you BROTHER!” HULK HOGAN Overcome by Emotion With Announcement to Associated Employees

Dec. 23, 2015


Associated Labels and Packaging wanted to show our appreciation to employees for all their hard work and dedication they provide day in, and day out. The Associated Gym is free to all employees 24/7, with Women’s Only time allocated to Wednesdays. The gym is located on the top floor of our building with large windows to gaze out of when getting your fit on. The space includes free weights, assistive weight devices, treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, stretching and abs area.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from Associated employees since we opened the gym. Some of the benefits we have seen first hand  include providing an area where employees can connect to each other outside the work environment, improved employee health, and increased happiness which directly strengthens our company culture.

There are also long term benefits of having healthier employees for our company as well. Regular exercise has been proven to increase alertness, energy and cognitive power which translates into increased productivity. Consequently it also reduces stress, anxiety and illness which can cause increase costs associated with sick days.


Here is an interesting article if you still need to be convinced why happy and healthy employees are so important to any company culture.

"First, health care expenditures at high-pressure companies are nearly 50% greater than at other organizations. The American Psychological Association estimates that more than $500 billion is siphoned off from the U.S. economy because of workplace stress, and 550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job. Sixty percent to 80% of workplace accidents are attributed to stress, and it’s estimated that more than 80% of doctor visits are due to stress. Workplace stress has been linked to health problems ranging from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease and mortality."

Lastly, when we asked the Hulkster for some words of wisdom when working out, he gave us his life philosophy: “Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins! Be true to yourself, true to your country, Be a real American!” We then reminded him that we are Brothers from the North!

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