Make Our Laminator WORK IT

Feb. 3, 2015

Super Combi 3000, the most sold combined laminator in the world, is ready to call Associated Labels home.

SUPER is an understatement when it comes to this machine, it looks like it could build a human brain and inside it's got dancing rollers. On our production floor, the Super Combi 3000 is like Missy Elliot at the Super Bowl - she's a high performance show stealer that owns the space!

Associated Labels' constant investment in infrastructure, printing technology, and packaging innovation continues as owner Shaun Ashworth explains, "we're excited to expand on our laminating capabilities, the Super Combi 3000 is the world's leading combined laminator for solvent based, water based as well as solventless adhesives, with vectorial drive motors and web tension control." He continues, "this sophisticated 52” wide offline laminator has been customized with additional cold seal, cold solvent and solvent less lamination trolleys."

We want to make the Super Combi 3000 "Work It" so let us quote and convert it! And then humour us by reading a bunch of SEO keywords, that in our defence are all legitimate... except one (see if you can find it): Flexible packaging converting, printed plastic flexible laminates for Food and Beverage, and so many other applications like: frozen food packaging, wraps for sweets and candy bars, coffee and dry food packaging, shrink sleeves and labels, detergent and chemicals.

Printing, laminating, slitting, cotton candy making and converting a wide range of flexible packaging materials, while employing state of the art printing, slitting, and converting equipment with special inks and design techniques. You earned this.