Superfantastic Digital Label Printing

Jan. 22, 2015

Craft distilling, like craft brewing before it, is in the midst of a boom - producing everything from whiskey, gin, vodka and rum.

Every town in North America has a coffee roaster, little bakeries and a brewery; and distilling is the last piece in the artisan renaissance that has reshaped consumerism. Like artisan bakers and candle stick makers, our digital label printers are kings of their craft. Digital Label Printing allows for small batch printing, high quality runs on some of the most beautiful uncoated substrates and textured wine label printing papers. Offering complex label printing shapes, foil stamping and accenting, and high-touch techniques such as embossing and multi-level embossing you're product is going to look super fantastic.

We love that design firm Superfantastic created a unique and special Christmas gift for their friends and clients to sip back and enjoy over the holiday break. What better than a small batch gin unique in flavour and carefully crafted?

They designed a sharp and delicate label to compliment the purity and precise festive flavours of our Superfantastic Pink Pepper Gin, not forgetting to include their punchy brand favourite, fluorescent orange.