Did You Know About Our Services?

Aug. 14, 2019
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With our extensive product catalog typically taking center stage, our services can sometimes be overlooked. Be that as it may, we offer several valuable and exclusive services that we wanted to bring to your attention!

Certified Proseal Technicians

We are the only service technicians available for Proseal in the Pacific Northwest. Should you have an urgent issue with your Proseal machinery, our technicians can visit your facility and resolve the problem for you.

Custom Label Application Machinery

We can build custom label application machinery according to the needs of each and every customer. We keep everything non-proprietary for our machinery, which allows you to purchase parts or pieces for maintenance/servicing elsewhere should you need to. However, our team is always available to troubleshoot any issues with your custom machine, should they arise. Image removed.

In-House Plates

All of our plates for Flexographic (Flexo) Printing are made in-house to ensure that everything is created correctly. You can depend on our highly-qualified team to create perfect plates and store them safely for your next order!


Our in-house design, production, and testing allow us to address any issues immediately, without needing to take production completely offline. Our art and design team can also adapt the received art to fit our printers and ensure that packaging comes out looking its best.

Software Traceability

Working with produce? We offer software traceability for film by adding tracking to the Best Before date printed on the packaging. The tracking records information about the production of the item: the time and date, location, etc.


Any questions? We'd be happy to assist! Contact us or request a quote through our online configurator.