Equipment Spotlight: Solvent Recycling System

Jul. 31, 2019
recycled solvent

We're excited to share one of our recent sustainability wins! It's been over six months since we purchased a Solvent Distiller, and we wanted to share an update on the difference it has made.

The Process Before

To clean one of our presses after printing, we use solvent. This clears the machine entirely, ridding it of any excess ink from the printing process.

We realized we were going through lots of solvents quickly. As in, twenty drums of used, dirty solvent picked up every single week to be recycled from cleaning ONE of our presses. This seemed so wasteful, and we knew there had to be a more economical way to get the press clean.

Enter: the Solvent Distiller!

solvent distillerOur Solvent Recycling System has been operational as of November 1st, 2018, and it has made a HUGE difference. We have reduced our pick up to once a month to recycle the byproduct that comes out of the Solvent Distiller process.


How Does the Machine Work?

After we use the solvent, we pump it into the distiller and clean solvent comes out of the other end. The recycling system separates the solids and liquids from the used solvent  (solids meaning the dried, excess ink and liquids meaning the pure solvent) leaving clean solvent and byproduct. The clean solvent is ready for use again, and the byproduct is collected by a recycling company. It's that easy!

Sustainability is extremely important to us here at Associated. We're always looking for ways to create closed-loop systems where we can!