How Do We Get It Right?

Jul. 3, 2019
associated labels and packaging

With so many options to customize your label or flexible packaging needs, we make sure to get your order right the first time! Before we even get to production, we have several steps in place to ensure your product is reflected accurately.  Here's a quick summary of what to expect:

1) Customer Service

Image removed.Our customer service team are warm, friendly, and dedicated! Whether you're calling in, emailing through the Request a Quote function on our website, or in-person (did we mention we have an awesome saltwater aquarium?). Our team will take care of you and direct your request to the right department or specialized person.

Most importantly they file your labels or flexible packaging samples into our archives once they're complete. This way, your information is safe to reference the next time you work with us!


2) Sales

After customer service, you will be connected to one of our highly experienced sales representatives. Our sales team will always go the extra mile, and will guide you through each step until you receive your custom product! Once you’re in contact, they begin bringing your ideas to life by establishing your needs and adding their recommendations. Whether you’re looking for lidding film, labels, or any products from our extensive catalog, our team has the knowledge and experience to take your vision to the next level. From the product inside the packaging to where the packaging will end up, everything gets covered to ensure that we can create the best version of your packaging possible.

Your sales representative will be your go-to for all questions, concerns, comments – anything! Through their product knowledge and strong project management skills, they’re well-equipped to deal with any needs and know how to get the right product or service for your company. 


3) Art & Pre-Press

Image removed.From sales, your order moves on to our in-house Art and Pre-press Department! Our pre-press operators and designers are willing to assist with any project you have. The first step here is sending your files for pre-flighting – whether they’re high-resolution PDFs or working files created by a designer: both work! Our pre-press department is capable of receiving a variety of electronic file types and converting them to suit our parameters. At this stage, our art coordinator will assign your project to an operator to create an approval proof for you.

We use Macintosh and PC platforms with our state-of-the-art software to produce your art with technologies appropriate to each project. We then send the proof to you digitally, and once approved we’re on to the next step!


4) Research & Development

Research & Development has become an essential part of the manufacturing and production processes, helping to create new material structures and designs. It transformed our company from basic nutrition label offerings in the past to the advanced food-safe packaging solutions of today.

Each new project receives a dedicated R&D manager in direct contact with a team of suppliers, external laboratories, and an internal process development team in each of our production divisions. This team can help to improve your product’s existing properties or develop the best possible material structure for your packaging.

Now you’re off to production! We’ll be posting a more detailed blog about production soon so stay tuned!