How Important Is Packaging?

Nov. 13, 2019
store shelf packaging

It may seem obvious that packaging design is important, but what about the execution? At Associated, we know the difference that high-quality packaging can make and we understand its importance. Here are just a handful of the many reasons why effective packaging is essential to your business:


Your product's packaging is ultimately an extension of your brand. Some businesses spend a lot of time carefully crafting their brand message through advertisements, social media, and so on but there physical packaging doesn't match. The design and quality of your packaging can bridge this gap and ensure that it's instantly recognizable as your brand.

First ImpressionPhoto by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Whether it's through marketing or on the store shelf, your product's packaging is typically a consumer's first impression of your brand and the product itself, as most products aren't entirely visible through their packaging. The packaging itself acts as a marketing tool to differentiate your product from its competitors and entice customers to choose your brand.

Protective Packaging

Most packaging requires a protective element, whether that be specialized technology to preserve food and extend shelf life, or extra insulation to protect fragile products. If the protective packaging doesn't fulfill its purpose, your customer is at the risk of getting a broken or unusable product, which immediately affects your brand credibility. This also ties into choosing the right material for your packaging, and where it's important to speak to an expert about the best options for you. 

Sway Purchase Decisions 

If a consumer is not particularly loyal to a type of product, packaging can heavily influence their purchase decision. Some sway factors to consider are as follows:

  • Is it visually appealing? Attractive packaging can influence consumers to try a new product, especially when it comes to impulse purchases. Packaging that looks more luxurious or high-end adds perceived value.
  • How convenient is it? This is where flexible packaging capabilities like resealable seals and Ziplocks can make a difference.
  • Is it eco-friendly? Consumers are starting to avoid buying products with non-recyclable packaging (York Saw & Knife) and leaning toward more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives.
  • Will it travel well? Whether it's traveling from the store directly home or on an airplane, consumers don't want to purchase an unnecessarily heavy or ill-packaged product and will opt for an easier option.


To summarize, product packaging is an important brand investment. At Associated, we have a highly qualified team and a range of machinery to ensure that your packaging is exactly what you envisioned. Whatever you need, we have an extensive catalog of options to find the ideal packaging solution for your products. Contact us today or request a quote online to get started!