One Girl Can; One Girl Will

May. 1, 2019
one girl can

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One Girl Can


Wow, the distance between each year is shrinking isn't it? We are always shocked when April rolls around.

Our company has made the easy decision to continue supporting Maggie's education so that she can succeed and help others in her community.

We couldn't be happier with her progress and look forward to seeing where her determination takes her!

We must thank AG Hair and their One Girl Can project for making this all happen. Not only does this company have great products, but they also have a social purpose! We encourage all other companies to look beyond the bottom line and be a company for positive change. If you would like to sponsor or donate click here.



"In the marginalized regions of Kenya and Uganda where we work, education is unaffordable for many families. We provide high school and university scholarships to girls with the greatest need and potential. By sponsoring a girl's education you'll be helping her achieve her dreams and break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality." ~One Girl Can


Letter from Maggie

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