Adapting Your Packaging Post-Pandemic

Oct. 21, 2020
post-pandemic packaging

The current pandemic has forced many of us to adapt to a continually changing world. With these changes come new consumer behavior and priorities that brands need to consider for current and future circumstances. Understanding consumer needs and making even small tweaks to your packaging can go a long way this year, so we looked into what trends COVID brought that are here to stay:



Of course, branding is a given for any company, but it's important to consider what customers are looking for in a brand. COVID has significantly increased consumer anxiety, where customers are looking for reassurance from the brands they’re purchasing. They need reassurance that the brands are being transparent in their sourcing and packaging practices, and they need to know that they’re buying from a brand that cares about them. In addition to using your website and social media to share this message, well-designed and thoughtful packaging can make a difference in building trust between consumers and your brand.


Convenient and portable packaging has been a trend for the last few years, and it only continues to grow in popularity, given the emphasis on hygiene this year. Convenient packaging could be single-serve packaging such as bar wrappers, sachets, and stick packs, or added features to your existing packaging such as easy-tear pouches and resealable closures.


With the growth of digital printing and the need for security in packaging, variable data printing and traceability and more popular than ever. Our equipment division can integrate custom traceability software into film, which tracks and records all information about the production of a product, the time and date the product was packaged, and all the production process steps. With this information, you can rectify any issues such as contamination or compromised quality by tracing the issue back to one of the monitored steps.

Even further, you can offer an extra level of security to consumers through watermarks, micro text, QR codes, and other anti-counterfeiting solutions. Variable data printing is a form of digital printing that allows you to change elements of your packaging from one printed piece to the next with ease, which makes it the perfect technology to implement these features into your existing packaging design.


With so many stores now offering delivery or curbside pickup, many consumers are opting to make purchases online rather than in-store. This means that your packaging needs to be optimized for e-commerce by designing attractive packaging that can stand out on the screen and ensuring that your packaging can protect your product through additional transportation steps. Check out our recent blog post on how to differentiate your packaging here!


Sustainability is still a massive focus in the packaging industry. With new consumer concerns around packaging hygiene, brands have to adapt and rethink sustainable packaging materials and design requirements.


All of these factors need to be considered when designing your packaging in a current and post-pandemic world. As a full-service facility with a range of products and services, we want to help you make the necessary changes to better your packaging and improve your offering to your customers. Reach out to one of our experts to find out more or request a quote online today!