Bar Wrappers & Sachets: Terminology Guide

Mar. 11, 2020
bar wrapper sachet

Next in our packaging terminology guide series: bar wrappers and sachets! There's some crossover in relevant terms for these products so we joined them together for one easy and to-the-point terminology guide.

With snack food on the rise, sachets and bar wrappers are projected to see an increase in demand in the coming years. Regardless of your product's sensitivities, or whether you're looking for a heat seal or cold seal, we have extensive experience working with co-manufacturers to supply sachets and bar wrappers that exceed expectations! 

  • Flow Wrap: Film roll stock used for packaging.
  • Cold Seal: Adhesive applied without heat and only slight pressure to form a strong seal bond. Used for heat-sensitive products.
  • Heat Seal: Adhesive applied with heat and pressure to form a strong seal bond.
  • Fin Seal: Where both interior edges of the film are sealed together and then the fin is folded over. Also known as the "fold-over seam", flow wrapping or vertical pouch packaging.
  • Lap Seal: Where the exterior of the film is sealed onto the interior of the film. Also known as "overlap seam." 

Interested in learning more about bar wrappers or sachets, or just have a general question? Contact us here or request a quote online and one of our packaging experts will be happy to assist.