Current Trends in the Food Industry

Feb. 24, 2020
food trends

In celebration of the Natural Products Expo West show coming up next week, we've got food on the brain! There are always so many changing trends and innovations in the food industry, especially in natural food, and we wanted to highlight some of the biggest ones right now:

1) Consumer Values

With consumers looking for food and beverage products that align with their values, claims like "organic", "natural", and "non-GMO" have never been more in demand (Market Research). The typical consumer is starting to seek out these terms on product packaging, and many customers are more inclined to purchase a product with these claims against those without. 

2) Brand Transparency

On the other hand, these in-demand terms need to be true or the company claiming them can be blacklisted very quickly. Consumers nowadays are extremely savvy and can easily find out if a company is being authentic in their claims, or if they're exaggerating how natural their products are, and have no problem sharing their findings on social media. 

3) Snack Attack

Convenience is key and, with "grab-and-go" snacks on the rise over the last few years, it was only a matter of time before this trend branched out to encompass healthier alternatives. Many grocers are starting to utilize pouches, sachets, and stick packs to offer single-serve, refrigerated, healthy snacks that contain fruits, vegetables, and other perishable ingredients, allowing consumers to feel better about their snack choice without having to prepare them at home. 

4) Protect Your Product

With innovations such as "fresh-delivered meal kits" (Emerson Climate Technologies), online grocery stores, and grocery subscription services, e-commerce continues to boom in the food industry. More brands than ever are having to consider packaging more practically, paying more attention to barrier properties and protection to ensure that their customer receives their product in the same condition they would at a physical store.

5) Blurred Lines

Collagen has become a staple ingredient in the beauty industry and, more recently, in the sports nutrition industry with products like collagen powder and capsules. The industry crossover continues with the popularity of collagen-infused food products from creamer to protein balls (New Hope Network)!

Another ingredient driving innovation in the food industry (depending on the legal status in your area) is CBD and THC. This market has grown from THC and/or CBD-infused oil and gummies to chocolate, cookies, and many more mainstream products (Magnolia Wellness).


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