E-Commerce and the Food & Beverage Industry

Apr. 15, 2020
e-commerce food beverage

With the world facing such uncertain times and with so many restrictions in place, we're leaning more heavily on e-commerce than ever.

Across different industries, there are several things to consider when your product is only available online. In this blog post, we're going to break down what may be important to consumers when it comes to the Food & Beverage industry:

The food and beverage industry and the industries where consumers need the most reassurance for online purchases. While grocery stores are essential and stil running, many consumers prefer to shop online at the moment, given the situation. Without being able to visually or physically check the products in-store, consumers feel that they are taking a risk in the quality of their product by purchasing online. In addition to this, and given recent circumstances with food safety, food and beverage products sold online need to be protected from potential contamination across the supply chain. Although this is true for food and beverage products sold in stores as well as online, there's an assumption that this is looked after in stores and may need to be emphasized more online when deliveries are to individual customers. To ensure that food and beverage products are properly protected, their packaging must be produced with food safety in mind (certified) and offer high barrier protection. High barrier protection in flexible packaging means protection against moisture, light, oxygen, aroma, and many other factors that can negatively affect the integrity of a product. More recently, brands have also begun to implement traceability in their packaging to provide complete assurance to companies, should any issues arise with the product.

This post only scratches the surface of what consumers look for when it comes to purchasing food and beverage products online. To find out more information about what we offer regarding food safety, barrier protection, or traceability, or to inquire about packaging for your brand, contact us through our request form or request a quote online