How to Add Security to Your Packaging

May. 6, 2020
packaging security

Consumers are opting to shop online instead of in-store for more and more of their purchases. In addition to the convenience of shopping on a computer or phone, online shopping can be an opportunity to seek out deals and product alternatives, which adds value to the experience.

One concern that consumers have with purchasing products online as opposed to in-store is security. Where you can check the quality of a product and see that it has not been tampered with when purchasing in stores, consumers feel that they are taking more of a risk with the security of their product when purchasing online. However, there are some measures you can implement to make your product packaging tamper-proof, better protect your products, and give customers peace of mind:

Child-Resistant Zippers

Mandatory in the cannabis industry, child-resistant zippers can also come in very useful in many other markets. While they look like standard resealable bags, you cannot get to the product without pushing down on two small tabs in the zipper and pulling the seal apart. If your product ends up in the wrong hands, this intuitive design makes it extremely difficult for those not knowing about the zipper to get to the product.

Easy Tear Resealable Pouches

The majority of our converted pouches include an easy tear feature with a tear notch. This feature can be removed, which will require the consumer to use scissors to open the pouch instead. However, when the tear notch feature is in use in conjunction with a top seal after the pouch is sealed, consumers will be able to clearly tell if their product has been interfered with or not. 

Individually Wrapped Items

Although this seems like an obvious option, bar wrappers, sachets, and stick packs are very easy solutions to providing extra security for your customers. As well as being more convenient for those using your product on-the-go, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the product inside their packaging is fresh, portioned, and not tampered with at all.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are an excellent choice for bottles and containers for many reasons. One of these reasons is that they can provide high security for your product by merely covering the cap or lid of the container/bottle. By adding a perforated line down the side of the bottle, cap or lid, customers can easily open the product and know that the product has not been tampered with,

Tamper Evident Labels

These labels are made with a fragile film and permanent adhesive and are typically placed over seals or lids/caps. It is extremely challenging to remove these labels in one piece, and they cannot be reapplied after removal, which means that it is easy to tell if someone has attempted to remove or tamper with the label.


At Associated, we offer all of these security features, and more, to ensure that your product is properly protected and can reach your customers intact. Reach out to us or request a quote online to find out more about how we can protect your product.