Interactive Packaging and Smart Packaging

May. 13, 2020
interactive packaging smart packaging

The term "interactive packaging" has come up more and more frequently over the past few years, along with "active packaging," "intelligent packaging," or "smart packaging," but what do any of these terms mean?

Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging invites consumers to interact with a product. Whether that's through wine labels that consumers can draw or colour on or a QR code that allows consumers to access further information about the product, this makes the experience of a product more valuable and memorable. Interactive packaging focuses on strengthening the connection between a consumer and a brand. 

Active Packaging

Active packaging fits under the umbrella of "smart packaging." This is where the packaging interacts with its contents to improve its quality or shelf life during storage or transportation. This can be achieved by creating high barrier protection with flexible packaging material, which protects against moisture, light, oxygen, aroma, and many other factors that can negatively affect the integrity of a product.

Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent packaging also fits under the umbrella of "smart packaging." This type of packaging is typically specific to food packaging, where it monitors the condition of the packaged contents. Intelligent packaging records and provides information on food quality during transport and storage.

An example of intelligent packaging would be useful traceability. In the last few years, our Equipment division has been able to create and integrate traceability software into the film we produce, which has proven especially valuable for lidding film in the agriculture or produce industry. The software tracks raw materials from the time they enter the facility to when they're released into the field, which increases supply chain visibility, improves quality control systems, and reduces risk.


Ultimately, both interactive packaging and smart packaging add value to the customer experience. If you're looking for a way to increase the value of your product, or increase brand engagement, either interactive packaging or smart packaging is a great place to start. Reach out to us today or request a quote online to find out what we can do to help integrate some of these features into your packaging and truly take it to the next level.