Pouches: Terminology Guide

Jan. 15, 2020

Whether you're new to a product type or new to packaging in general, the terminology can be a little technical and seem overwhelming. Given that the amount of terminology only continues to increase with new technologies and industry updates, we decided to create a series of "cheat sheets" that include a few of the most relevant and essential terms for a particular product type. 

Here's our list of essential terms for pouches:

  • Doyen Gusset: This is the most common style of stand-up pouch, and the front, gusset, and back are continuous. The Doyen Style Gusset pouch has seals on both sides and around the bottom gusset and is a great choice for products that weigh one pound or less. 
  • Plough Gusset: The front, gusset, and back are continuous, so there is no seal at the gusset. A Plough-Bottom stand up pouch can hold more weight than the Doyen pouch and the K Skirt Style pouch and is commonly used for products weighing more than one pound. This style of pouch is a great choice for granular products, like salt or sugar, that weigh five pounds and up. A Plough Style Gusset pouch can also be referred to as Plough-Bottom pouch, Corner Seal stand up pouch, and W Fold style pouch.
  • Laser Scoring: By running the lasers with 0.01mm spacing between pulses, the result is what looks like a solid line. However, this scores a line on one of the several material substrates, which creates a straight tear when pulled open. The laser scoring creates easy-open packaging while maintaining barrier properties.
  • Double Cut: Some pouching equipment (including ours!) has the ability to trim off the edges of a converted pouch in order to give the appearance that art is printed perfectly rights to the edge - no plate gaps and any movement on the pouching equipment is masked.
  • Powder Proof Zipper: A zipper developed to prevent powdery and particulate products that get caught and clogged in the flexible package seal and allow a secure reseal. 
  • Child-Resistant Zipper: A zipper that provides resistance for children, but easy access for the intended consumer. This zipper is designed to keep children safe from harmful products. Currently used with Cannabis packaging applications.

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