Shrink Sleeve: Terminology Guide

Feb. 12, 2020
shrink sleeve

Next in our packaging terminology guide series: shrink sleeves! With benefits like 360-degree branding and added security with tamper-evident seals, shrink sleeves are becoming a popular choice for industries beyond sports nutrition and beverages. 

Here's our list of essential terms for shrink sleeves:

  • Distortion Management Technology: While the final product of a shrink sleeve is 3D, the artwork is printed in 2D so distortion management technology is needed to ensure the graphics display as intended. Using the artwork and 3D rendering, prepress can predict the level of expected shrink and distort the image accordingly. 
  • High Shrink: Artwork will be shrunk significantly and highly distorted. 
  • Low Shrink: Artwork will be shrunk little but still slightly distorted. 
  • 3D Rendering: Process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. 
  • CAD Drawing: Using computer technology to draw or design anything. We require a CAD drawing of your bottle to prepare distortion properly for your shrink sleeve.
  • Grid Sample: A grid is typically printed as part of the test process with shrink sleeves in order to determine proper distortion of the artwork when the software isn't available, or a CAD drawing is unavailable, to work with the bottle during the shrink application. 

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