2022 Label Design Trends

Nov. 17, 2021
label design

Rolling into a new year could mean a new refresh for your label design. So, with 2022 right around the corner, we wanted to share some popular trends in the label industry:

Bold Design

When it comes to designing labels, we’re expecting to see the full return of maximalist design. Since the pandemic, consumers aren’t as devoted to their “usual” brands as they used to be, so being able to catch their eye is more critical than ever. With this, bright colours, impactful borders, and vibrant labels are foolproof ways to make a statement with your packaging. In the beverage industry, big lettering and bold typography, bright colours, and detailed patterns and illustrations are very popular for many brands.

Flat Illustrations

Using illustrations in your label design is a great way to share a story and provide a unique feel to your product. In the last few years, we’ve seen more labels feature small draw designs showing what the product beneath the label is or does and similar flat illustrations. Simple 2D artwork in a bold colour palette is a strong trend in the food and beverage industry.


Personalized packaging has been a major trend in the packaging industry for many years now, and it’s grown to be even more popular during the pandemic. Personalized packaging enables brands to build a strong connection through packaging and helps to cut through the noise of so many product options, making your product stand out.

There are so many ways to integrate personalization into your label design. With the help of variable data printing, you can tailor your design to a specific location or to celebrate a particular event, create seasonal or limited-edition designs, or opt for unique designs on every label. The personalization options are truly endless.

Specialty Finishes

Selecting one or multiple finishes for your packaging can be just as important as choosing the packaging material itself. Specialty finishes can truly transform the look and feel of your label. Whether you choose to incorporate texture into your label by debossing or embossing, foil stamping, opting for a topcoat to give a soft-touch, matte, or glossy finish, or creating a completely custom die for a unique label shape, there are tons of options to elevate your label with a specialty finish. After a few years of disconnection, customers are getting back in stores and looking to re-engage with sensory label design.


These are just a few of the many label design trends forecasted for 2022. To find out more, reach out to our team here or request a quote online.