Customer Spotlight: AG Hair

Oct. 13, 2021
ag hair

Our next customer spotlight is on AG Hair, a hair and body care brand in Coquitlam, British Columbia: actually, just down the street from ALP! 

AG has been a valued client for over 15 years, and we are so happy to have a great relationship with their team. We're also so grateful for the opportunity to work with One Girl Can, AG’s charity of choice, who provide educational opportunities to girls in Africa through building schools, offering high school and university scholarships, and providing mentorship programs.

We caught up with AG's Director, Supply Chain, Kathy Siefke to chat about AG and One Girl Can.

ag hair1) Tell me a little about AG and what you stand for.

AG was founded by John and Lotte Davis in 1989. John, a hairstylist, and Lotte, a designer, saw a need for a gentler approach to hair care. They developed salt-free formulas and started producing, bottling and selling small batches from their North Vancouver home. Through their tenacity, they grew AG into a sustainable and thriving organization, developing high-quality formulas and manufacturing products for the professional hair care industry.

Our ethos of meticulously selecting the highest quality ingredients and using them in abundant proportions ensures our hair and body care formulations create memorable experiences and deliver the outstanding performance we have become known for.

2) You were one of the first facilities to start manufacturing hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic. How has AG handled the pandemic?

From province to province, we were no different than any other business. We took into consideration the safety of our staff and rolled out a work from home plan. Salons as we know, and any other service industry were hit the hardest. We thought “what can we do to help”? AG’s team has the knowledge, skills and capacity to make hand sanitizers. So, we established a relationship with the BC Provincial Health Services Authority and AG’s Hands Free Clean Hand Sanitizer was born.

We feel very proud, fortunate and honoured to have created a hand sanitizer of quality. Hands Free Clean Hand Sanitizer was even approved for use in the neonatal care centres of local hospitals. We were very grateful for the opportunity to contribute at that time. Associated Labels answered the call for labels and delivered on very tight timelines. Everyone at Associated should be proud of their contribution towards keeping our community healthy and safe.

3) What are you most proud of as a company?

We're proud of our people; we have shared many weddings, welcomed children, and celebrated birthdays together. Really, we’re proud to be a community within a community. We’re also very proud of Lotte for creating One Girl Can and our ability to give back.

4) Speaking of giving back, can you talk a little more about One Girl Can and how that began?

In my first year at AG, John and Lotte took a trip to Kenya. Upon their return, they shared stories of the trip and explained some of the issues around access to water in communities they visited. They decided to give back by funding the dig of a well at a school.

ag hairAs the project progressed, Lotte learned more about the school and the community. Over the years, she expanded the project and funded the building of dormitories, school rooms and outbuildings. As of today, the foundation has built 130 facilities, funded 850 scholarships, and mentored 9,400 girls. Lotte continues to challenge herself and the people around her to recognize inequality and help address the basic needs of girls in Africa: water, education and safety.

I'm very proud to know Lotte and proud of what she’s done – her ability to continue pushing the rock up the hill. The evolution of the school she’s built in Kibera is a real testament to her determination. I have seen images of that school year after year, to finally see that the children there have a safe and healthy place to go to in such an area of extreme poverty is incredible.

I know that I speak for Lotte when I say ‘thank you’ to our friends at Associated Labels for supporting One Girl Can. To learn more, please visit

5) How would you describe your relationship with ALP?

I have worked with Don and ALP for over 20 years, so it was natural for me to seek him out for advice when I started at AG. When we first started working together, AG used very few labels, as screen printing is more the norm in the personal care industry. One project at a time, the Associated team exceeded AG’s expectations, and we saw the opportunity labelling presented. Labels are now present throughout the AG line – with achievable pops of colour, graphics, and visual interests.

To sum up our relationship - it’s a partnership. We always want to keep things mutually beneficial and be respectful with all supplier partners. As the AG brand evolves and grows, we look forward to growing together.

6) What are you currently working on, and what are you excited about in the next few years?

Today we are working on growing and enhancing AG’s e-commerce. Beauty consumers are looking for a complete omnichannel experience. We’ve seen the success of online shopping, particularly during the pandemic, from Amazon, Chatters to AG Hair. We’ve taken learnings from the last year, and we’re now applying them by creating a more personalized shopping experience on AGHAIR.COM.