The Right Ice Cream Packaging for Summer 2022

Jun. 20, 2022
ice cream packaging

Happy Summer! Did you know in Canada, second to grabbing a cold beverage to stay cool on a hot Summer day, Canadians treat themselves to ice cream? One of the greatest refreshments of the season to counter the summer heat, is an ice cream best fit to your mood and cravings. Before making the choice, especially when the options are endless, the brand has to stand out in the already competitive ice cream market. The following are some of the most important features to include in your ice cream packaging design to effectively boost market image, audience connection, and brand growth. Keep cool this Summer!


When choosing between various ice cream packaging ideas or going for a custom ice cream packaging design for your product, the first factor to consider is the pattern or color of the design. Color is a very important component of any advertisement, regardless of the type of food or beverage. 

As an alternative, if your existing ice cream packaging design retains the same color, changing half of the packaging to the color of the ice cream can make a large difference and help set your brand apart. Additionally, distinguishing between flavors can encourage customers to buy faster since they will not have to find out the flavor's name before purchasing.

Visibility Factor

The only differentiating factor that will make or break the brand image in the market is the ice cream packaging design, as there are multiple brands in the world today offering a wide range of ice cream flavors such as natural fruit flavors, vegetable ice creams, unique concoctions of different flavors, and so on. Because ice cream is nearly always purchased on the move, more focus should be spent on increasing the general visual element of the ice cream package design, such as form, size, portability, and so on, to make it more appealing to customers and therefore translate into more sales.


The clarity of the language placed on the package, as well as the amount of text on the ice cream packaging design, are both crucial elements. How much space is available to work with? It is critical that if you are choosing an ice cream cone package design, it isn’t cluttered with text. Very few buyers pay attention to the text on the box when buying things like ice cream. Instead, the use of patterns and colors communicates a lot about the brand. For better outcomes, put greater emphasis there and limit text as much as possible.

ice ream packaging

How to pick the right design for you:

The availability of ice cream cakes, vegan ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream rolls, and other ice cream-related products is now another factor driving ice cream demand even higher. Also, combining basic yet distinctive ice cream packaging ideas to come up with a creative outlook for your product for improved brand placement. It is important to think about the packaging material because it not only indicates the quality of the product being sold, but also it’s brand value.

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