Keep Your Products Safe: Associated Labels and Packaging Now Offers Child-Resistant Pouches in Vancouver

Apr. 11, 2023
 Child Resistant Pouches

If you're looking for child-resistant packaging solutions in Vancouver, BC, you'll be happy to know that Associated Labels and Packaging now offers fully certified Child Resistant Pouches in two different sizes! 

Child-resistant packaging is designed to be difficult for children to open and access potentially hazardous products, such as medicinal products, including cannabis or cleaning agents. If you are using child-resistant packaging for your product, it means that the packaging has been designed and tested to meet specific standards for child safety.

We are pleased to offer two sizes of Child Resistant Pouches that have been certified for child resistance contact your sales representative for further details.

Remember, it is always important to store potentially hazardous products out of the reach of children and to supervise children when they are around these products.

For more information on our CRC-certified pouches,  reach out to our team of experts here or request a quote online.