CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Wolfe Honey Ltd., CEO Gilbert Wolfe & Family

May. 15, 2024
The Wolfe Family

Customer Background: Wolfe Honey Ltd. is a vertically integrated apiary and honey processing facility situated in the Honey Capital of Canada (Peace River region of northern Alberta). The company is family owned and operated by the Wolfe family. The business was started in 1984 when Gilbert got his first summer job extracting honey for a local beekeeper. Today, Gilbert, Sharon, and their three adult children Paige, Brett, and Taylor work in the business alongside their team. 


How does your product embody the changes you want to see in your industry?

Our products offer innovation to the category while not losing sight of the raw product. Our creamed honey is our top seller due to its soft, smooth, and spreadable consistency. To us, this product best showcases what it means to be innovative while also staying true to the raw product.

Pineapple Jalapeño, Hot and Bourbon Hot Honey


What is a guiding principle for your company that you will not waver on?

Wolfe Honey Ltd. lives by 4 values:

We put customers first

  • We are reliable, all the time, every single time.
  • We make the highest quality, superior tasting, food safe honey products.
  • We always go above and beyond to ensure that we meet our customer needs.
  • We work hard every day to earn their trust and respect

We work together as one large family

  • We are a family-owned and managed company that strongly believes in family values
  • We understand that being a family business brings unique challenges, but we believe that we are stronger together and embrace all our employees as family members.
  • We are honest and we communicate directly and respectfully
  • We promote a safe workplace
  • We are positive and enthusiastic, celebrating our successes, having fun and cheering each other on.

We are always improving

  • We strive to find a better way and don’t just accept the current way of doing things,
  • We know that we must continue to learn and share ideas.
  • We take safe and calculated risks and are always learning from our mistakes.
  • We meet or beat what others expect of us by acting with a sense of urgency.
  • We measure ourselves to ensure progress is being made.

We are committed to making the world a better place

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to help improve our world.
  • As global citizens, we care for the environment by utilizing all our resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • We will ensure that out actions enhance beekeeping ecosystems, and we will educate others on the benefits of our industry.


What is the first beehive analogy that comes to mind when explaining your company role in serving a specific community of honey lovers?

You get more flies with honey than with vinegar - personally and professionally I believe this to be true!


How does your experience at AssociatedLP compliment your own company values or goals?

Relationships are very important to us and our account manager, Jordan Phillips, has always gone above and beyond for us. AssociatedLP allows us to best serve our customers by providing us with high quality, timely, accurate orders of labels with their various printing options. Jordan takes the time to explain the different options for printing to us and has even toured us around the facility so we can really understand what the options are. When formulating new products like our spicy honey line, Jordan helped us to create a metallic label that really stands out on shelf.