Sep. 13, 2021
The pandemic has affected the food and beverage industry significantly, especially when it comes to produce. Almost 50% of consumers expect to spend more on fresh produce in the next year than usual and prefer to purchase local fresh produce versus imported produce.
Sep. 8, 2021
Next up for our staff spotlight series is Kent Nelson! Kent is our Digital Division Manager at Associated. He plays an integral role in ensuring the successful production of our digital orders for labels and digital packaging: 1) How long have you worked at Associated?
Sep. 1, 2021
Personalized packaging has been a major trend in the packaging industry for many years now, and it’s here to stay. Personalized packaging enables brands to build a strong connection through packaging and helps to cut through the noise of so many product options, making your product stand out.
Aug. 30, 2021
As the development of technology in packaging continues to grow, we wanted to add some updates to a post we published at the beginning of the year: