Dec. 11, 2019
We're super excited to be starting a series of staff interviews to give you a better idea of the people and culture behind Associated. What better way to kick off with the company president, Shaun Ashworth!  1) How long have you worked at Associated?
Dec. 9, 2019
Cannabis packaging makes for an interesting talking point. With the somewhat recent legalization in Canada and the significant growth of the industry, more and more cannabis brands are popping up across North America. However, lengthy packaging regulations have proven to be an obstacle for many.
Dec. 4, 2019
As we've mentioned before, stand up pouches have become an explosive flexible packaging trend that offers optimal branding and shelf presence, as well as convenience for consumers. In addition to printing and laminating the pouches, Associated can also construct your stand up pouch in-house. 
Dec. 2, 2019
We're proud to shine a spotlight on one of our amazing partners that assist with our commitment to sustainability: 1% for the Planet! How Did They Start?