Mar. 13, 2019
Nope, just kidding! We did just get a new 22,000 sqft. warehouse though to meet the needs of our growing customers =)
Feb. 28, 2019
Make Your Labels and Packaging Stand Out! YES… 3,500+ exhibitors is overwhelming YES… Standing out can be a challenge NO… You don’t have to feel this way anymore Creating first impressions was our main objective this year when designing our new 20 by 20-foot booth.
Feb. 7, 2019
NISP "A business led initiative that uses the industrial symbiosis approach to create new market opportunities. It also increases the range of resources that have commercial value. This means adding to the bottom line and improve resource efficiency."
Dec. 3, 2018
This past summer Associated Labels and Packaging helped the City of Coquitlam win first place in its class in the national competition. The "5 Blooms Silver"