Wine Label Printing: Two Hoots

Jan. 19, 2012

The wine label printing and packaging design for Two Hoots, a new wine collection, targets a young, fun and care-free audience (20-35). For each wine label an owl character has been designed to match the characteristics of the wine, which nicely ties into the tongue in cheek descriptions on the back of each varietal.

The back wine label printing of the Cabernet Rose reads: 'Like the screeching owl, this cabernet rose has a rather flirtatious character. Fresh peach and pear aromas combine with cheeky cherry flavours to add sweetness to the playful, fruity wine.' The back wine label of the Cabernet Merlot reads: 'Robust and vigorous like the spotted owl, this cabernet merlot has a rich plum character. Oak and blackcurrant aromas combine with dark cherry flavours to add luxury to this hearty wine.'

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Design and images via Maegan Brown