Coffee Snobs, The Wave of the Future...

Feb. 15, 2016

For many, coffee doesn’t feel like a luxury—it just feels like a necessity and a way to get the day started. Coronini Cafe is a way to make the cup a day a lavish experience. Their aim is to make the coffee experience a sophisticated and refined one in the growing business of micro roasting cafes.

Coronini Cafe oozes opulence. Black on black gives off an air of confidence, while the font and graphics look like they’re fit for a king. Gold and silver foil immediately express a sense of premium quality, attracting customers who truly want to revel in a delicious cup of coffee and not just get one and go.

“The concept is using labels on matte coffee stand-up pouches with glossy foil print of the logo. Labels are printed with touches of gold and silver foil, which would indicate prestige/luxury and sophisticated characteristics and a higher price point of their coffee. Using monogram is created and pattern, which can be used for various applications— such as flexible packaging”

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