E-Commerce and the Sports Nutrition Industry

Apr. 22, 2020
e-commerce sports nutrition

On to the next installment of our series on the impact of e-commerce on packaging: the Sports Nutrition industry! By Sports Nutrition, this covers drinks, powders, vitamins, and supplements that were initially created to support athletic performance. However, growing from this niche group, more and more consumers are becoming reliant on these products to fill deficiencies and gaps in their diets: especially vegans and vegetarians. 

With this industry becoming more accessible to a broader range of consumers, brands may have to spend some time explaining their products. In-store, this seems very simple with the assistance of store staff, but online it may be a bit more complicated. In addition to offering information in the product description, it may be helpful to have an interactive quiz or questionnaire that can direct consumers to the products they're searching for, as many consumers seeking nutraceuticals aren't well versed in which products they may need to achieve their desired outcome.

Another thing to take into account when it comes to Sports Nutrition in the e-commerce space is security. Similarly to pharmaceutical products, consumers are wary when purchasing supplements or vitamins online and look for tamper-evident seals or something similar that shows the product has not been interfered with in transit. By omitting this step, the customer is left questioning the integrity of the packaging, the quality of the product, and increases the likelihood of the brand receiving a negative online review.

This post only scratches the surface of what consumers look for when it comes to Sports Nutrition brands online. To find out more information about the seals and security options we offer or inquire about packaging for your brand, contact us through our request form, or request a quote online today!