Our 40 Favourite Things

Jul. 8, 2020
40 associated labels and packaging

Having been in business for 40 years, we've seen a lot. A lot of change, ups and downs, and now even a global pandemic, but throughout it all, we've always had an incredible team. We knew we were lucky to have such a consistently strong group of employees, and in an internal survey conducted a few weeks ago, we found out why. 

As a company, we aim to be family-oriented with everything we do, whether that's our relationship with employees, vendors, or customers, and we were so proud to see that translated through the survey results. Employees were asked what their favourite thing about working at Associated was, and almost all answers were consistent in saying "the people." 

Seeing is it's our 40th anniversary, we thought we'd share 40 answers from the survey, as it speaks volumes about the values we hold so dear at Associated:


  1. "The people are easy to work with!" - Jose L, Finishing Machine Operator, 5 years
  2. "The people that surround me are like my true family." - Joseph S, Industrial Assistant, 2 years
  3. "The people. Hands down, best group of people I have worked with." - Ben W, Flexible Packaging Specialist, 7.5 years
  4. "The freedom to express ideas that get implemented and executed." - Kristoffer Q, Shipping Supervisor, 8 years
  5. "Tons and tons of learning!" - Nehemias A, Industrial Assistant, 1.5 years
  6. "The connection with everyone that works here and the family vibe." - Adela P, Sales Assistant, 7 years
  7. "The people I work with." - Sheryl K, Sales Rep, 24 years
  8. "The people and the friendships I've made." - Ashleen N, Prepress Coordinator, 2 years
  9. "The growth and the people I have met through the years working for this company. Everyone has been very helpful, from the people working in my office, like HR, to the [production] floor. Everyone who I've worked with has helped to expand my knowledge of our product and machinery." - Gary M, Press Operator, 14 years
  10. "The collaborative culture - everyone has a platform to share ideas!" - Jasmin S, Marketing Specialist, 1 year
  11. "The people, hands down. The best of the best work at Associated Labels, from the President all the way down. You couldn't ask for better." - Richard H, Prepress Specialist, 9 years
  12. "My favourite thing about working at Associated is that the company has allowed me to develop and improve my knowledge and skills in printing. My work is valued here and I'm very much appreciated. Also, I love the company's culture - it's a pleasure working with everyone." - Jefferson S, Press Operator, 16.5 years
  13. "Good boss, good coworkers - everyone's nice!" - Kim-Phuong N, Finishing Machine Operator, 21 years
  14. "My coworkers on the graveyard shift are all friendly and helpful!" - Angelito DR, Finishing Machine Operator, 6 years
  15. "The people and the constant learning. I have NEVER had a bad day here at Associated and, for someone who's been in the printing industry for almost 20 years, that says a lot!" - George M, Prepress Specialist, 2 years
  16. "Building our family to greater heights!" - Shaun A, President, 27 years
  17. "I enjoy working with everyone and the owners of this company are so kind!" - Freddie B, Flexible QC + Shift Supervisor, 16 years
  18. "By far, the people I work with - they're an extension of my family!" - Liz S, Sales Manager, 10 years
  19. "My fav thing about working at Associated is the feeling of family and the comradery between staff members!" - Patrick W, Sales Rep, 4.5 years
  20. "The family environment and the bonds you get to make no matter your lifestyle or age." - Nava N, Customer Service Rep, 2 years
  21. "Since ALP has become part of my family, I'm more comfortable and enthusiastic performing my role and contributing to the company's goals!" - James T, Maintenance Technician, 6 years
  22. "Being part of this wonderful company!" - Beatriz R, Accounts Receivable Clerk, 4.5 years
  23. "People. I also appreciate that our management is open to new ideas from employees - it makes me feel valuable and involved." - Irina S, Accounts Payable Clerk, 2 years
  24. "Innovation and creativity. Everyone is offered unlimited options to grow with the company." - Min W, IT Manager, 9 years
  25. "Being part of this family is my favourite thing." - Jack William C, Finishing Machine Operator, 3 months
  26. "1) The people. It is great to work with so many like-minded employees who are committed to producing quality products. 2) The freedom to innovate. Management's trust in staff to provide innovative solutions to new challenges." - Kent N, Digital Division Manager, 10 years
  27. "I love the way this company treats their employees, especially our President! He takes the time to say hello and ask how each of us are every time he comes to our department and is so humble! I also love having good workmates, and a good manager and supervisor that always helps me when I have trouble!" - John Dave B, Assistant Finishing Machine Operator, 8 months
  28. "The people I work with!" - Ramona A, Digital QC Coordinator, 3 years
  29. "The culture, people, and drive for improvement on every level." - James I, Flexible Finishing Manager, 3 years
  30. "Shaun's leadership and ethics - how it inspires us to be more family-like than co-workers." - Sonja M, Sales Assistant, 7 years
  31. "The family-feeling environment!" - Lise A, Prepress Manager, 19.5 years
  32. "The people!" - Michael N, Sales Rep, 12 years
  33. "Learning new things and working with people!" - Mark M, Finishing Machine Operator, 1 year
  34. "Creating artwork and working with talented dedicated people." - Edward, Prepress Specialist, 5.5 years
  35. "It's hard to choose only one, but I would have to say the people! Over the last 12 years, so many people have become my close friends and more like family." - Tiffany D, Sales Assistant Supervisor, 12 years
  36. "I like being able to take ownership of my role and having the space to work on my own projects. I also really like the people, from the production floor to the office. We have so many caring individuals and I find that it can be infectious." - Layan A, HR Generalist, 2 years
  37. "Our unique corporate culture. We actually do enjoy working together!" - Dennis B, Sales Rep, 13 years
  38. "The people. We have a great culture and everyone feels like family." - Kyle V, Flexible Division Manager, 2.5 years
  39. "People!" - Krista L, Customer Service Supervisor, 18 years
  40. "The people and the welcoming environment!" - Bhavina G, Prepress Specialist, 2 years


Of course, these are only 40 answers out of many more, but the results of this survey really embodied Associated as a brand. We couldn't be happier and prouder of our incredible team!