2021 Seasonal Packaging Trends

Aug. 25, 2021
seasonal packaging

The festive holiday season is fast approaching, but is your packaging prepared?

Holidays, anniversaries, and other special events present an ideal opportunity to create limited edition or seasonal packaging for your product. Here are some trends for seasonal packaging in 2021:

Soft Shades

Although pastels are typically associated with Spring, you can use certain pink, green, and blue shades into the winter months to give your packaging a bright wintry feeling. Soft neutrals or pastels can create the perfect base for a sophisticated packaging design well-suited for winter, especially when paired with luxurious finishes, such as soft touch.

Specialty Finishes

As always, specialty finishes are one of the most popular packaging trends for seasonal packaging. So, whether you’re looking to emboss your packaging, integrate gold or silver foil, or use a metalized finish to differentiate your limited-edition packaging, we have you covered. Find out more about what specialty finishes we offer here.


Many consumers are focused on choosing sustainable options where possible, and seasonal packaging is no exception. Ensure that your packaging is not overengineered and avoid unnecessary packaging add-ons that could complicate correct recycling or disposal for the end-user.


Whether you’re looking to adapt your packaging for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, there are many benefits to creating a limited edition or seasonal packaging for your products. Check out our post for more information or reach out to one of our packaging experts here!