How To Achieve Personalized Packaging

Sep. 1, 2021
personalized packaging

Personalized packaging has been a major trend in the packaging industry for many years now, and it’s here to stay. Personalized packaging enables brands to build a strong connection through packaging and helps to cut through the noise of so many product options, making your product stand out.

Here are some ways to integrate personalization into your packaging design:


Brands such as Heinz and Nutella have utilized e-commerce to allow their customers to design personalized cans, bottles, and jars of their products, that are then shipped directly to them. Not only does this create a ton of engagement between a customer and a brand, but it also gets the customer invested in the process and excited to receive the final product.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows you to change elements of your packaging from one printed piece to the next. This means you can print different patterns, number sequences, designs, and more on the printing run.

There are so many ways to use VDP to personalize your packaging:

  • Create limited edition designs, seasonal packaging, or just print small, customized runs for a high-level user experience.
  • Print a specific image on your packaging to tailor it to a certain market. An example of this could be Bud Light printing football teams on their beer cans
  • Print less specific copy on your packaging to make the product slightly more personalized. An example of this could be Heinz printing "Get well Soon" or "Grandpa" on certain products; it's not too specific but still a great form of personalization.

For more information about variable data printing, see our detailed post here.

Subscription Services

With the rise of e-commerce came the rise in the popularity of subscription services. From food and beverages to pet supplies, subscription services are looking to incorporate as much personalization into their service as possible.

Function of Beauty, a hair, skin, and body care brand, is a great example of an entirely customizable subscription service. Customers take a quiz to determine their exact needs, and each product is customized on an individual basis. Not only is the product tailored to them, but it also arrives personalized with the customer’s name on the bottle or jar. Truly personalized service at every level!


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