In Demand: Functional Beverages

Jul. 14, 2021
functional beverages

Consumers are looking for convenient ways to incorporate healthy habits into their day, which has led to a demand for multivitamins and supplements, nutritious snacks, and healthy RTE (ready-to-eat) and RTD (ready-to-drink) products.

One of the fastest-growing products in this arena is functional beverages. Functional beverages refer to drinks that increase mental focus and help balance physical body functions, such as prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. This covers a growing range of products, including dairy-based beverages, energy drinks, sports drinks, meal replacements, caffeinated beverages, and vegetable and fruit juices. In addition, consumers interested in functional beverages are open to trying new brands and products to fill nutritional gaps or boost their energy.

When it comes to packaging these functional beverages, many brands opt for glass bottles and labels to convey premiumization and use bold colours or intricate label art. Another packaging trend for functional beverages is using cans with shrink sleeves and using specialty finishes such as metallic inks or a matte texture.

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