Our 2021 Capability Updates

Jun. 9, 2021

The last year has been a busy one for us at Associated! With new machinery and progress in R&D come new capabilities, so we wanted to share a brief overview of our latest updates in the past year:

Peel, Pop and Reseal Lidding Film

At Associated, we have an in-house tactical team dedicated to further innovations in lidding film, which led to our latest capability: peel, pop and reseal lidding film!

Currently the only two-step security system in the market, the outer film peels back to reveal a tamper-evident inner seal that needs to be "popped" to access the product. Once popped, the outer film can be resealed and peeled many times again!

Recyclable Pouches

After acquiring our Hudson Sharp Ares 400-SUP last year, we are now able to produce recyclable pouches.

Our recyclable films have excellent MVTR (moisture) barriers and options with excellent OTR (oxygen barriers). Moving from a multi-layer conventional to a mono-layer HDPE pouch means more value and opportunities for MRFs (materials recovery facility) in the future.

Vertical Perforation

One of our latest capability updates is the ability to insert a vertical perforation on shrink sleeves. A perforation that runs from the top to the bottom of the film allows for many benefits, including:

  • Security: Adding a tamper-evident seal over your container's lid assures customers that your product is protected, and the vertical perforation allows for easy removal when the customer is ready to use the product.
  • Sustainability: Vertical perforation enables the shrink film to be removed from the container. After separation, the customer can easily recycle the container, making your packaging a more sustainable choice.


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