Our Regenerative Journey

Oct. 4, 2021

Our company was first introduced to the concept of Regenerative Agriculture at the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim a few years back. Hearing stories of how natural food brands and farmers connected over Regenerative Agriculture principles was inspirational. It was incredible to see a renewed sense of community and momentum being built around the Regenerative Organic Certification. It reminded our company of joining One Step Closer (OSC) as a founding member. In this group of natural food stakeholders, we pooled our resources to create North America’s first compostable pouches.

We're continuing to develop relationships within our industry to make changes at a systems level. We are applying regenerative principles from the Carol Sanford Institute to the labels and packaging industry to achieve this. This experience is a lifelong journey and not a set of best practices that we should all implement broadly. We are humbled by how the experience brings it all back to the individual, their uniqueness, and their role in contributing to a greater purpose.

Part of this experience has been to open our perspective beyond our operations and the products we create. To look back into our supply chain and connect with the communities and the ecosystems we are part of. This gives value to our customers by building traceability, transparency and integrity of their labels and packaging.

After participating in HowGood’s Regenerative Supply Working Group, Jay Ashworth, Director of Sustainability, was approached to speak about “The New Material Age in Packaging” with long-time supplier Futamura. The discussions will be focused on sustainable packaging and innovative package design for regenerative products.

You can join the discussion here on October 7th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.