Packaging Liquids for E-Commerce

Jun. 7, 2021
packaging e-commerce

With e-commerce becoming a mandatory distribution channel for most products, brands have had to adapt quickly, and there have been some hiccups properly protecting products in transit. Preventing damage in e-commerce is much more complicated than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, as there are more touchpoints, drops, vibrations, and so on when it comes to e-commerce. There are also environmental changes to consider, such as pressure, moisture, and temperature, which lead to more risk for damage.

Although all products are more at risk for damage in e-commerce, some of the most common leaking packages are household cleaning products, detergents, beverages, and wine. With more consumers leaning on e-commerce than ever, reducing leaks and damage is a massive priority for brands selling these products.

One of the main ways to combat damage is to ensure your packages are not under-packed or over-packed. Some other ways to combat damage are as follows:

  • Tamper-Evident Labels: These labels are made with a fragile film and permanent adhesive and are typically placed over seals or lids/caps. Applying these to your product can assist in keeping everything sealed in transit and minimizing leaks.
  • Shrink Sleeve: Due to their durability, shrink sleeves can create a perforated tamper-evident seal and waterproof barrier for containers. Find out more about shrink sleeves here.

Protecting your product is essential. If your protective packaging doesn't fulfill its purpose, your customer is at the risk of getting a broken or unusable product, which immediately affects your brand credibility. This also ties into choosing the right packaging material and where it's essential to speak to an expert about the best options for you.

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