What Are We Thankful For?

Oct. 6, 2021

After the last year and a half of ups and downs, restrictions, and updates, we wanted to focus on the positives as we approach Thanksgiving in Canada. So, in the spirit of feeling grateful and giving thanks, we asked our team what they’re thankful for this year. To share the joy, we thought we’d list some of the answers here! Take a look:

"I am grateful that not even a pandemic was able to drag us down, thanks to our commitment to safety and caring for each other as a team and family." – George M.

"To be a part of the Associated LP family." - Krista L.

"I'm grateful for the career growth and the skills that ALP has given me."

"I am grateful for my health." - T.D.

"I am thankful that I have a job, when so many others lost their job due to the pandemic."

"The help and support from everyone at Associated."

"Family!" - B.R.

"My co-workers... they have my back, make me laugh, and generously offer their support and advice. They make me a better person." - Sonja M.

"My health!" - T.N.

"The Coquitlam River trails!" - Savannah P.

"Every single moment that I spend with my family is what I am grateful for. Nowadays, life is precious. Nobody knows when and how our lives would end especially that the whole world is suffering from this pandemic. Let's enjoy every single moment with our loved ones and be thankful that we can still hug and talk to them."

"Great health, full senses, internal happiness, and a peaceful mind." - M.T.

"My health and the time that I am given to enjoy this life, family, work, and everything that I have." - Ramona A.

"Health, family, friends, this beautiful country, freedom, fresh water, mountains..." - A.T.

"I am grateful for a roof over my head and food in my stomach!" - Johnathan A.

"I am grateful for fall and the return of pumpkin spice lattes!" - A.V.

"The relationships that I have, which equally provide both sides in achieving successes in life!" - Catherine A.

"For still being able to work full-time during a pandemic." - John S.

"My family, who have always been there for me, my job and my experiences." - D.C.

"I am grateful for the good health of my family and loved ones and that none of us were affected by this pandemic. The pandemic made me raelize that I am in the right working environment because empathy is present, and the company is strong." - M.D.

"For ALP, who hired me when I first arrived in Canada, allowed me to qualify for a house mortgage for my family, and kept me in a job during the pandemic. Thank you, ALP!" - Bliss S.

"Family, laughter, and life." - M.N.

"That there are still good, decent, understanding humans on this earth, even with so much craziness going on right now!" - D.L.

"For such an awesome place to work every day!" - Jefferson S.

"My family, who have always been there, my job and my experiences." - D.C.

"For working in an environment where everyone is treated fairly, respectfully and as a family member!" - Reza H.

"My family, friends, job, and having a house to call home." - J.K.

"I'm grateful I work for such a family and team-oriented company."