Customer Spotlight: Lally Farms

Jun. 13, 2022
lally farms

Our next customer spotlight is on Lally Farms, which is a family run blueberry-farm business based out of Abbotsford. The Lally’s immigrated to Canada in 1972 and began their business in 1980.  

We caught up with Raj Lally to chat about Lally Farms and their journey so far:

Tell me a little about Lally Farms and what you stand for?

We’re a family owned and operated business. My dad started it probably about 40 plus years ago. We're a vertically integrated company where we grow, process, and market our own blueberries. 

What would you say you're most proud of as a company?

Probably our quality! We do business with several large retailers across the US and Canada. So based on that, we've had those relationships for a long time. 

How would you then describe your relationship with us at ALP?

They understand our business really well! We have a very small window, where eight weeks out of the year where we need labels. I usually try to do my best to make sure that we don't short ourselves in the middle of the summer, but no matter what I do, it usually happens at least once or twice. Associated understands this, and they get us the labels on short notice. 

During the pandemic and the recent extreme weather that occurred in Abbotsford last year, what were some of the challenges that you faced?

Obviously, the pandemic, like every person in every business, had affected us. We're quite a labor-intensive business, so it's hard to find people. Especially in 2020 when they introduced social distancing. Our business was not designed for that. It was a lot of work to put in, a lot of plexiglass barriers, making sure everyone's masked up and with proper sanitization. It's hard to really do that when you're only really functioning eight to ten weeks out of the year. 

There were two weather events that I've never seen before and I hope to never see again. First of all, the heat in June, which cooked a lot of our crop, and then the floods in November. We escaped most of the floods just because of where we are, but we had one field that was out towards the Sumas, that was hit pretty good. 

What are you currently working on and what's some stuff that you're excited about in the next few years?

Currently, we're in the middle of replanting a lot of our acreage with more up to date varieties because some of the varieties have now become obsolete. Then consumers don't want them. You got to constantly be kind of on the cutting edge of having the berries or the varieties that people want to consume.