Innovative Chocolate Label Design Trends 2022

May. 16, 2022
Innovative Chocolate Label Design Trends

How can chocolate brands stand out with countless options and alternatives in the chocolate industry? How can brands communicate what is inside the chocolate package? Through innovative graphics, text, and its value proposition, the package designs should clearly communicate its story. Perhaps the beans are farm-fresh, hand-crafted, high-quality, and affordable? The right chocolate label design can communicate your brand with ease.

Here are some chocolate label design trends that are currently dominating the chocolate market in 2022.


chocolate label design

Organic Designs

Customers are increasingly aware about making healthy lifestyle choices, who also seek out nutritional advantages and facts before making a purchase. Whether that be vegan, or gluten free chocolates. As a result, they are drawn to designs that feel natural. The organic visual appeal can be achieved with using inks and varnishes.

Bright Designs

A bright design symbolizes a more open-minded approach to chocolate label design. The package design for raw and dark chocolate integrates a basic, clean, and organic product idea into a realistic packaging style that reflects the chocolate. 

Chocolate-Specific Designs

The packaging design for various types of combination chocolates, such as dark chocolate and coffee, orange and dry fruit chocolate, should differ from one another. Chocolate-specific designs differentiate chocolate types with a visual appeal that looks close to what’s inside. Darker designs for dark chocolate; Light designs for white chocolate.

Luxury Chocolate Designs

The moody aesthetic works perfectly for luxury chocolate. A matte or silver/ black finish, with a delicate picture of a coffee bean at the bottom, just half visible to evoke a little mystery. This design is dominated by the sleek, glossy, and curly typography. Distinct varieties will have a different image at the bottom of the chocolate that has nuts or herbs. 

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