Updates in the Plant-Based Food Industry

Jan. 5, 2022
plant-based food industry

Plant-based food products are in higher demand than ever, with many consumers looking to reduce animal-based foods in their households. As a result, offerings in the plant-based food industry are growing all the time, and we see constant updates:

Dairy Growth

Plant-based cheese is growing at twice the rate of the mainstream cheese categories, and plant-based milk is still growing in the double digits. With so many options for plant-based cheese, milk, creamers, and so on, consumers can choose from a variety of plant-based ingredients as an alternative to traditional dairy products.

Gourmet Approach

As we mentioned in a previous post, frozen food brands have created a range of vegan and vegetarian items to fulfill demand in the plant-based market. Further, these brands are taking a gourmet approach to plant-based frozen foods by packing more nutrients, using quality ingredients, and offering a range of cuisines.

Another plant-based category taking a gourmet approach is plant-based dairy, where brands are creating artisanal and specialty items with premium ingredients or new approaches like fermentation.

More Innovation

There is constant innovation in the plant-based industry, and one category we’re seeing front-and-centre is plant-based seafood. As the taste and texture of other plant-based meat products have already been conquered, brands are now focused on even more improvement by adding more nutrition, protein, and clean ingredients.


The plant-based food industry constantly growing, with new products and innovations popping up all the time. To find out more, reach out to one of our experts here or request a quote online