E-Commerce and the Pet Care Industry

Dec. 2, 2020
ecommerce pet care

With so much of our lives spent at home this year, pet sales and adoption have increased significantly. Even before the pandemic, pet care experienced a massive boom in e-commerce, with pet food growing by 53% year-over-year compared to brick-and-mortar growth of 0.7%. Now, online pet product sales are even higher with the current demand and the need for convenience.

At the moment, many consumers feel more comfortable purchasing pet products online than in-store. The e-commerce boom in the pet product industry pushed many brands to upgrade their websites over the last few years. The goal was to make them more user-friendly and add more information and detail to help consumers feel comfortable with their purchase decision. Consumers are looking for extra insight and advice with pet products, so providing additional information about pet care, wellness, and behaviour is extremely helpful and goes a long way.

One of the many benefits of e-commerce is the multitude of products available to consumers. In the last few years, with the humanization of pet food and emphasis on pet wellness, there has been a shift from ‘pet ownership’ to ‘pet parenting.’ From pet carriers and luxury beds to clothes and costumes, pet brands have expanded their catalogues to cater to these trends resulting in more pet products now than ever. Consumers value being able to pick when it comes to pet products, which is a huge influence when deciding to shop online versus in-store.

In addition to product expansion, pet owners are leaning on e-commerce for services such as subscription boxes for treats and training or on-demand services like dog walking and pet sitting.

With all of this growth comes tons of opportunities for pet care brands. Strong packaging is even more crucial when selling your product online, and you only have a few seconds to make an impact on a potential customer. Check out our blog posts on the importance of packaging in a pandemic and how to differentiate your packaging for more tips.

There has never been a more important time to elevate your packaging. These are just a few ways to take your packaging to the next level, and there is so much more you can do to stand out on the screen. Reach out to our packaging experts to find out more or request a quote online!