Importance of Packaging in a Pandemic

Nov. 25, 2020
packaging in a pandemic

Across our blog posts, we’ve touched on the growing dependence on e-commerce and how it impacts different industries. With a massive chunk of shopping being done online for the foreseeable future, brands have to adapt to consumers seeing their product on a screen rather than in-person.

Behavioural scientists have determined that the attention span of the average consumer is eight seconds. This means that, whether a consumer is holiday shopping or grocery shopping, they make an extremely quick decision about their interest in your product by visual impact alone. Even further, introducing new customers to your product may be tricky. With algorithms favouring customers more frequently purchased products and similar items, your product may not be easily visible. One more thing to consider is that consumers are less likely to browse when shopping using an online platform. Using a search function, they can type in exactly what they’re looking for and be shown a specific result. Ultimately, this means that if you get the opportunity to make your product visible to a customer, your packaging needs to stand out.

So, how can you stand out on the screen? There are countless ways to customize your packaging, but here are a few suggestions that can take your packaging to the next level:


Change It Up

Does your packaging look pretty standard amongst competitors? Products like granola, pasta, and cereal, amongst many others, have a similar structure and appearance when it comes to packaging. This presents a great opportunity to make a change, such as opting for flexible packaging instead of boxes like your competitors. Flexible packaging is preferable to consumers for many reasons and also gives your product a different shape to get a new customer’s attention. The same logic can be applied to colour – if most packaging for your product uses neutral colours, change it up with something bold and eye-catching.


From mass personalization to one-of-a-kind personalization and everything in between, there are many options to create something customized to your desired customers. Here are a few ways to integrate personalization into your packaging:

  • Events: Focus your packaging around an upcoming special event like a holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.), award show (Oscars, Emmys, etc.), or even a sporting event (Superbowl, World Cup, etc.)
  • Location: Tailoring your packaging to a specific location by incorporating a local landmark can make a consumer feel more engaged and connected to your brand
  • Special Edition: Creating a limited-edition packaging piece, whether to celebrate a milestone or for a temporary flavour or scent, can give a new customer incentive to try your product
  • One-of-a-Kind: From limitless patterns to first names, creating hyper-personalized packaging is an enticing way to get a new customer's attention

For more information about personalization in packaging, check out our article on variable data printing.

Offer More

Value is appreciated more than ever right now, and it’s important to emphasize the value of your product by showcasing it on your packaging. For example, if you’ve increased your product’s size, adding a callout saying “25% more product” on your packaging in an attractive way can greatly influence consumers considering your product. Another way to offer more is by creating packaging that makes consumers feel like they’re getting more. An example of this would be seasonal packaging that makes your product look gift wrapped and festive.


There has never been a more important time to elevate your packaging. These are just a few ways to take your packaging to the next level, and there is so much more you can do to stand out on the screen. Reach out to our packaging experts to find out more or request a quote online today!