How to Build Connections Through Packaging

Aug. 26, 2020
connected packaging

The way we connect with people and products has changed significantly in the last six months, with contactless solutions becoming mandatory for everyday activities, from connecting with friends or family to grocery shopping.

Last week, we shared a blog post about how to differentiate your packaging online, instead of in-store. In this blog post, we're going to discuss how to build a connection through your packaging and strengthen brand loyalty with your customers. 

Connecting with your customers is more important than ever, and increasing customer engagement leads to higher customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat purchases. Here are some easy ways to build a connection through your packaging:


Added Value

This may be the most obvious option, but it's effective! Including something extra with your packaging, whether it's a sample or a discount, provides additional value to your customer and contributes towards a positive buying experience. Given the current circumstances, added value has never been more appreciated, and a little can go a long way here.

Interactive Packaging

Another way to add value is through interactive packaging, which invites your customer to interact with your product. There are many ways to integrate interactive technology into your packaging, but perhaps the most popular method is through the use of QR codes that link to a customized platform. Whether it's a food product that connects to a page of recipes, pet food that links to a platform on pet care and tips, a bottle of wine that links to a historical crime story, and so on, the possibilities are endless to create an exchanging experience for your customer.

Intentional Design

With flexible packaging, there are many more options when it comes to design. Get creative with your design by delivering packaging with a strong visual impact and the potential for reuse after the product has finished. An example of this could be for frozen fruits or vegetables - by packaging them in an attractive and resealable freezer-friendly pouch, customers can clean and reuse the bags for freezer products. Not only does this add extra value to your customers, but it lengthens the presence of your brand as well!


Another simple way to increase customer engagement and connection is through targeted design. Once you understand your customers, you can add more customization to your packaging from patterns and fonts that might feel nostalgic to images of local landmarks specific to your customers' locations - the options are endless!

Social Shares

It may seem obvious, but including social media handles (or even social QR codes) and your website address is imperative to give your customers all the channels to engage with your brand. If you're adding value with a sample or integrating a nostalgic element into your packaging, and your social channels are easily accessible, your customers are way more likely to share positive content online. Make it easy for them to engage with your brand!


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