What to Expect Post-Pandemic

Jun. 2, 2021
post-pandemic packaging

With vaccination rates increasing and restrictions easing, a post-pandemic world may be closer than we think. A lot has changed in the last year, and there are some trends we should expect in the coming months and beyond:

Demand for Sustainability

There has been much progress in developing sustainable packaging alternatives in the last few years, with options ranging from post-consumer waste to recyclable and compostable materials. However, the North American recycling and composting infrastructure needs time to catch up to our packaging technologies. Different municipalities or regions each have different restrictions for the correct disposal of these materials, if any, which can be incredibly frustrating and confusing for consumers looking to minimize their footprint. Consumers are demanding more from local waste management, recycling, and composting systems.

To find out how your company can be an advocate for sustainable packaging, visit our new sustainability section or reach out to our Director of Sustainability here.

Explosion of E-Commerce

We've said this many times before, but the explosion of e-commerce is here to stay. Throughout the pandemic, consumers opted to order groceries and other products online, and the majority of them will continue to use this service for its convenience. The amount of consumer-specific data available from online purchases creates an opportunity for brands to overhaul processes, transform operations and pivot for the future.

Increased Consumer Demand

With many consumers staying indoors for the duration of the pandemic, and remote work looking to last for many beyond the pandemic, we consume more at home than ever. Consumers are looking to “do-it-themselves” for many activities, from cooking to crafts to renovation projects, resulting in increased purchases of goods over services.


Consumers are looking for more from their brands, especially when it comes to transparency and accountability. Many consumers are also expecting the brands they purchase from to hold the same values as themselves. The power of social media makes it incredibly easy for consumers to find any inconsistencies in branding or messaging, and brands are held highly accountable when they make mistakes.


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