When Should You Redesign Your Packaging?

Mar. 10, 2021
redesign your packaging

The concept of redesigning your packaging may feel completely unnecessary. However, there are a few examples where a redesign can be extremely beneficial for your brand and, in turn, your sales:


Expand Your Brand 

As your brand grows and expands into new products, you might want to incorporate specific colours for specific product lines. This may require a redesign to make your packaging cohesive, but it’s an essential step for brand growth.

Make Big Changes

If you’re making significant changes to your company ethos, your products have changed, or you’re adapting to keep up with new technology or changes in your market, your packaging may need an update to reflect these changes.

Refresh Your Brand

Believe it or not, branding can get stale! If your branding has not changed for decades, it might be time for a refresh to show your current (and new) customers that you’re invested in your brand. A total redesign isn’t necessary here but, if that’s the way you want to go, it’s a good idea to keep some elements from your previous packaging, so your branding isn’t completely unrecognizable. This can also attract new customers to your brand.

Safety Standards

Given the current circumstances with COVID-19, many brands are updating their packaging to include extra safety features, such as tamper-evident labels or easy-tear resealable pouches. This may not require a redesign for some brands, but it may require significant tweaks for others to make space for the new features.

Switching Packaging Products

When shifting from one packaging type to another, you may need to redesign your packaging to adapt to a new shape or surface area. For example, if you’re moving from a label to a shrink sleeve, you now have to include 360-degree coverage in your packaging design. Our HP 20K comes in handy for situations like these, allowing us to mock and share samples so that brands can see design options easily.

Unseen is Unsold

Making your product visible is one of the most important goals for your packaging. Whether you’re selling your product online or in-stores, the packaging needs to stand out amongst the competition. If your packaging isn’t eye-catching to your target customers, then it’s likely to remain unseen, which means it’s also likely not to sell.


These are just a few scenarios where redesigning your packaging can be the right choice for your brand.

However, there are also some risks to be aware of when it comes to customer connection. It’s essential to think about what exactly you’re changing and if you’re at risk of removing a deeply emotional connection to your brand. Many brands struggle to make calculated changes with a redesign, which may lead to the customers no longer feeling connected to the product.


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