2022 Coffee Label & Packaging Trends

May. 11, 2022
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The fast growing coffee industry has made its way beyond just coffee shops, and now into the many homes of coffee drinkers. There is a rise in people brewing at home for a variety of reasons. Due to the lack of accessibility café’s over the past few years, many people have invested in making the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home. Whether it be having that control over your brew, or just the sheer thrill of making coffee, the process is just as important as the coffee itself. The first step in this process is finding the right look for you, with a visual that grabs your attention and aligns with what you want from the product. 

The right packaging and labels are important for both coffee roasting companies, as well as their customers. As a result of the latest innovations in technology and design options, coffee roasting firms now have more choices than ever. 

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Coffee Label Design Ideas

The right coffee label tells the world who you are, what your product is about, and how it can help potential customers decide if your product is right for them. Colors, typography, and other design elements are great ways used to communicate this. Grab a cup of coffee, here are a few ideas:

Y2K Aesthetic

This style is currently everywhere from fashion, beauty products and…coffee.  Adding an edge with geometric shapes and pastel blue and pink neons, this trend is defined by silver and white backdrops with geometric shapes layered on top. Grab a cup of Nostalgia for the soul!

Bold, “Loud” Designs

Think bold, wild, loud and in-your-face. With satirical, creative designs, this style is loved by many who may just need a laugh with a dose of irony. This less serious style is an appealing approach to many customers in 2022. Some may say it is the reflection of the world today!

Chill Aesthetics

Lo-Fi, chill and tranquil culture has taken over the past few years. Today, coffee label designs pairs light and calming hues with simple copy and minimalist typefaces. The goal of this label design style is to create a comforting and pleasant experience.

Layering Color

This colorful collage-like trend for coffee labels is perfect for the growing eco-conscious market. In 2022, we will see more of an emphasis on materials that are recyclable, such as ripped paper and raw textures, creating a sense of bold colors and geometric shapes. There are many possibilities with the collage style in general. This trend is great for being both subtle and vibrant, depending on your brand's image.

Unique Custom Design

Custom designs are a great way of building a connection, best catered to the customer. How can your brand stand out? As a result, one of the most common trends is to use custom coffee packaging to offer the brand a distinct appearance. 

Digital printing has enabled a coffee roaster to manufacture in small amounts without sacrificing quality. Finally, roasting businesses are using a wider range of color palettes, which are all eye-catching when the coffee reaches the shelves.

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