How Custom Packaging Adds Value

May. 4, 2022
custom packaging labels

A great first impression can be created for a brand before a product is even seen by consumers. With the right design and shape, the advantages of custom packaging are endless. Your box is a tangible item that buyers will feel and build your brand perception with its quality and personalization.

Elegant, sophisticated packaging can make a product stand out in the market, as well as its consumers! Creating a sense of personal value for your customers is an important strategy for customer and brand loyalty.

Here are some important tips on how custom packaging can add value to your products and brand!


A positive, engaging experience is one of the most important aspects of custom packaging. From the moment that product catches a customer’s eye, to the eventual use of the product, having a positive, memorable experience throughout is key.  This can go further and beyond where a customer organically mentions the product publicly. Create that instant connection with your customer from the very start by giving them a memorable experience with your brand. Go beyond the product, and focus on a full authentic experience with customers from within your target market. The right experience can have more value than the product itself. Designing your packaging allows you to curate the experience with more control and ensure that customers are surprised and excited each time they open your product. Every brand has a story: Incorporate that story!

User-Friendly Design

Make sure your packaging is accessible. Anybody should easily be able to easily access the product, without any confusion. It can take an instant for a customer to be disinterested, and move onto the next more accessible product. No matter how the visuals can attract a customer, if it is difficult to navigate, it will immediately be of no use.

Making it Personal

The demand for more personal, custom designs has increased over the past few years, especially with the rise of sharing pictures and moments in the 2020’s. Making the package feel like it is yours can go a long way, and in turn, creating a high demand for it. With personalized packaging first displayed to your customers, you can create that demand to attract new customers to your brand.

Associating with Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? A brand's values should be understood and shared by its customers, so that their purchase aligns with they value as well. Your packaging can add to your narrative. Make sure the visuals on your packaging abide by your brand’s foundation. This will create greater loyalty, with your brand’s voice being clearly communicated with customers.

Seasonal Promotions

It takes a simple color association on your packaging design to communicate whatever seasonal promotion is occurring, during any time of the year. Hooking your customers with a visual design first and having vital information to keep them fully engaged. Seasonal promotions make for a more current, custom packaging experience.

Sustainable Packaging 

People are becoming increasingly eco-conscious due to the realities of climate change. With these new behaviors, customers want the option for these alternatives. Upon recent studies, a brand’s foundation has a greater impact on customer buying decisions. At Associated Labels & Packaging, that foundation is set from the groundworks. Sustainable packaging which is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, are of great benefit as we progress into a more sustainable future.  Unique, custom sustainable packaging is important for the future generations to come.

custom packaging sustainable

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