Growth in Stick Packs for 2022

Jun. 6, 2022
stick pack

The stick pack packaging sector is on the verge of massive growth in 2022 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 9% by 2026. What makes stick packs so popular among consumers?


The ease of use makes stick packs a perfect choice. The ability of single-serve stick packs to maintain freshness and extend shelf life is also a notable advantage to the overall convenience. 


Stick packs can be used for a variety of different products:

  • Supplements: Vitamins, protein powder, collagen, electrolytes, and energy powders are common picks for consumers interested in health, fitness, and wellbeing. Whether you're working out or following a supplement regimen on the go, the stick pack makes things convenient.
  • Beverages: For convenient drink options, stick packs of instant coffee, hot cocoa, and other beverage mixes can be provided. These mixes only require hot water. 
  • Cosmetics: Consumers can also take advantage of stick packs to test out a product in a smaller size before buying the full-sized version.
  • Food Seasoning: With stick packs, you can measure out a precise amount of seasoning when cooking!
  • Dairy: Stick packs can be used to package creamers, powdered milk, and yogurt. 


You can save money and make your money go further by buying bulk stick packs. You can leverage this to grow your beverage product line, as well as make the most of your money. Furthermore, it implies that suppliers interested in carrying your line will have easier access to your merchandise.


It's quite simple to get into the specialty package design of stick packs because it's convenient, sturdy, and somewhat standardized. ALP has the experience and equipment to supply exactly what you and your manufacturing line need to thrive, whether you need roll material for one or 18 lines. ALP can produce short-run roll stock (in a variety of sizes and materials) to ensure that your packing process runs smoothly. Here is a terminology guide to help!

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