Update: Packaging Solutions to Prevent Food Waste

Nov. 22, 2021
food waste

An impactful way to increase value for consumers and brands is to think about preventing waste. Specifically, for food and beverage companies, there are many features and technologies to integrate into your packaging to extend shelf life:

Barrier Properties

We've spoken about barrier properties many times across our blog and social media. Integrating specialized barrier properties into the construction of your packaging is one of the best ways to extend your product's shelf life. Understanding the oxygen transfer rate and water vapour transfer rate, we can create the appropriate film layers for your packaging in order to preserve your product for as long as possible, whether at your storage facility or on store shelves.

Durable Materials

When selecting the substrates for your packaging, it’s important to consider all the touchpoints that your product will encounter before it gets to the customer. If your product’s packaging is torn, punctured, or damaged in transit, the product can be spoilt and go to waste.

Macro-Perforation & Micro-Perforation

Our Packmaster Cross Web and our Packmaster Web Direction lasers allow us to offer both macro-perforation and micro-perforation. This can add breathability to your film and extend your product's shelf life, especially for products like tomatoes and grapes.

Resealable Closures

Adding features to your packaging like resealable closures and easy-tear functionality makes it easy for consumers to keep your product fresh for longer. Further, adding security to your packaging through tamper-evident seals or childproof zippers can ensure that your packaging isn’t opened accidentally before it’s purchased and the product remains sealed.

Sealing & Sealants

Whether you’re opting for a cold seal, heat seal, peel-pop-and-reseal, or an easy-peel seal, we’ve got you covered. Selecting the right seal can ensure your packaging protects your product properly, especially when coupled with barrier properties.

When it comes to sealants, selecting the right sealant can prevent drips loss, minimize leaks, and ensure the packaging keeps your product fresh.

Single-Serve Packaging

Another way to add security to your packaging or ensure it remains fresh is to consider single-serve packaging. Flexible packaging like bar wrappers or sachets can package portion-sizes of your product, which means that consumers are only opening what they need, and the remainder of the product remains intact. Although single-serve packaging can be somewhat controversial when it comes to packaging waste, we offer a range of film options that can satisfy your sustainable goals.


These are just a few ways to minimize waste by making changes to your packaging, creating value for you and your customer. Connect with one of our specialists to find out more or request a quote online!